Our Principals include some of the leading players in the Maritime industry owning or managing a wide range of vessels.

Through our consolidated network of forwarding partners we are able to provide a full range of Logistics and freight services from anywhere in the world.

  • Leverage on their global volumes to secure favourable conditions.
  • Ensure we can provide an all-inclusive ray of competences.
  • Operate within a controlled environment where we are linked at all stages of the logistic cycle.
  • Have a reach in every part of the globe.

Principals & Partners


CGLI is a young but strong, global network of agents who are interested and keen to work together and develop long-term business. CGLI avoids too many members in one location and supports cooperation instead of competition.

Principals & Partners

Principals & Partners


The Group was founded more than seventy years ago by the Cavaliere del lavoro* Gaetano D’Alesio (*Honorary Knighthood for services to the industry). His sons Antonio and Nello continue to run the firm with the collaboration of the third generation represented by Gaetano, Antonio, Mauro, Francesco and Elisa. The Group’s activities are based on maritime shipping and associated services. The maritime transportation is carried out by the ships of the Company fleet. The associated activities consist of the storage handling of oil products as well as the marketing of pro-bunker products.

The D’Alesio Group fleet is made up of tankers and bulk carriers that cover a wide range of commercial demands with tonnage up to 56.000 dwt and provide services of a high technical standard throughout the world. The accurate maintenance and the continuous renewal aimed at ensuring the use of the best technologies available are the characteristics that distinguish the fleet.

Together with the companies, Costieri D’Alesio S.p.A. and Toscopetrol S.p.A. , the D’Alesio Group is a presence in the port of Livorno.

Their overall storage capacity is approximately 250.000 cubic metres and is capable of receiving the entire range of oil products, including lubricants and bitumen. These installations are used to:

  • meet the commercial needs of the Group, and particularly the direct sales of bunker products to the ships;
  • store, handle and supply, on behalf of the major oil companies that operate in Italy, the products for the clientele, which go from the petrol (gas) stations to the industries all the way to domestic heating plants;
  • supply the thermo electrical power stations on the Tyrrhenian coast.

Furthermore, the D’Alesio Group operates out of the port of Livorno with the Sintermar S.p.A. terminal, which  covers a privately owned surface of 120.000 sq. metres and can carry out all the cargo loading, unloading and storage activities of containers and of various incoming and outgoing goods. It is equipped with a 550 metre quay, covered warehouses of 3000 sq. metres, maintenance and repair workshops, with 3 trastainers along with a considerable number of smaller means.

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L.G.R. di Navigazione S.p.A. inherits the traditional values of quality and service from the L.G.R. Group. The company carries these values to the shipping industry where quality carriers continue to exceed client expectations, differentiate and perform well.

The company strongly and steadily grows its fleet of quality tonnage through an active acquisition programme. The fleet growth is centred on an elaborate newbuilding programme. The quality tonnage is run in quality management, partly through partnerships with the most respected players in the industry.

This combination of top tier strategic partnerships and quality tonnage secure top-tier service  to clients at all times. We steadily grow our own shipping organisation and consequently build competencies to complement our partnerships in the industry.

We are constantly looking to increase our network of clients and partners within the most rigorously quality focused segment of our industry.

The Head Office is based in Naples (Italy) where the top management and technical /financial department is established.

The vessels are operated in Pool, together with other first class players in the Oil Tanker and Gas Tanker segment. The commercial management offices are located in Denmark.

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X-Press Feeders

X-Press Feeders started operations in 1972 out of South East Asia, and has grown to become the largest feeder carrier in the world.

X-Press Feeders are an independent feeder carrier that does not own, lease or operate any containers.

They provide transportation services only to container ship operators and not to proprietary cargo interests or the general shipping public.

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K&K Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG is a shipping company based in Hamburg / Germany.

With a long-standing tradition (originally founded in 1924) and a modern management, the company forms a trustworthy and reliable partner in the shipping industry. We run our business on teamwork, trust and safety.

Due to competent and professional teams on board our vessels as well as our team on shore, we ensure optimal technical operating conditions and an efficient commercial management for our fleet.

We consider our crews and officers as our greatest assets. We are proud of our crews and the excellent records of operational reliability and the successful cooperation. In the sometimes tough shipping world reliability and efficiency are the keys for success.

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MISAN Logistics, having its legal seat in Rotterdam, is a private limited liability company registered in the Netherlands and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of MISC Integrated Logistics Sdn Berhad (MILS), the logistics arm of international logistics and energy company MISC Berhad, located in Kuala Lumpur. The company is ultimately owned by Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas), residing in the well-known Petronas twin-towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

MISC Berhad is a public limited liability company incorporated in Malaysia and is listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. It is their goal to become the world’s leading maritime transportation and logistics provider, focused on energy transportation. MISC is now world-renowned as the largest single owner/operator of LNG tankers. MISC is also increasing their focus on the construction of deepwater facilities, drydocking of large tankers and marine conversion of FPSO’s and FSO’s.

MISC’s fleet strength: 27 LNG Carriers, 91 Petroleum Tankers (including charters and newbuildings), 29 Chemical Tankers (including charters and newbuilding) and 13 Offshore Floating Facilities.

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Synergas own and operate a fleet of 12 gas carriers out of which 8 can carry ethylene the remaining, up to – 48°C.

All of them are of semirefrigerated type.

The new building program ensures a steady growth of the fleet that can provide to our Charterers a safe, modern and efficient gas transportation.

The long serving staff, both ashore and on board, grant the necessary experience handling products which is the key of a reliable service in this demanding and specialized market.

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J. Lauritzen

J. Lauritzen A/S (JL) is a shipping company with world-wide operations headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We operate more than 150 vessels including short-term charters.

We are wholly-owned by the Lauritzen Foundation; a commercial foundation with the objective of supporting shipping, culture, social humanitarian work and education. Our owner provides us with the ability to take long-term views in developing our business and a close and continuous dialogue between the Board of Directors and Executive Management, enables rapid decision-making.

The overall aim of JL is to provide our owners with an attractive return on equity reflecting the risk profile as stipulated at any time by the Board.

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Briese Chartering GmbH & Co. KG as member of the Briese Group was founded in 2007 and started its operation with 1 vessel only. Now, in 2011 the company employs over 30 high equipped vessels between 2.700 mts and 7.700 mts deadweight – both geared and gearless as well as mostly equipped with tweendecks. The low average age of our vessels is one of the building blocks for the company’s success.

Briese Chartering focuses on project cargoes within Europe up to Iceland, also including Black sea and north coast of Africa.

Since the very early beginning Briese Chartering has proved its flexibility and even more important its reliability. About 12 staff members and additional two trainees of the head company Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG are in charge for chartering and operating matters. Furthermore two port captains, well experienced in project and windmill cargoes, take care for optimized stowages and a professional run off during loading and discharging operations.

To assure the safe sea transport, the close contact to the stevedores and crew on board is warranted during all lashing operations.

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Van Uden

With a rich history, which started in 1848, Van Uden has gained inside out knowledge of the transport industry. Yet the term “transport” no longer covers the entire range of activities.

By now, Van Uden has become a leading supplier of logistic solutions. A dependable partner founded on three basic principles, unchanged for over 160 years: the family culture, the expertise of the employees at every operational level, and, of course, our focus on the clients.

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The name of SEAWAVE GROUP is synonymous with dedicated Tunisian professionals who know their business and believe on their skills.

By optimizing the synergy between its activities, SEAWAVE GROUP has established MTL FEEDER to build up close relationships with container line operators and owners of container feeder vessels.

In a relatively short time, we have successfully secured a market position and our business is expanding rapidly.

Our conviction that shipping service is a people’s business; a dedicated, flexible, trained and experienced team is assisting you in taking care of your feeder service in the most effective way.

On November, 14th 2010 at 14:00, SEAWAVE GROUP has celebrated the launch of the first Tunisian feeder service by delivery of MV CONNORTH.

With the objective to offer reliable services to container shipping line, our fleet is increasing while slot chartering arrangements are in place.

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Tandem Global Logistics is a comprehensive international network of independent logistics operators – serving the worldwide trading market under a common image and strategy – who have been working together for over 20 years.

This forwarding network has a presence in major industrial centres the world over:

  • More than 75 countries
  • More than 200 offices
  • The network is constantly expanding

Tandem Global Logistics has an in-depth knowledge of the global supply chain in air and sea freight and constantly focuses on meeting changing customer demands by broadening its global services into a powerful and interactive network.

The network operates independently from sea freight and air freight carriers under its own House Bill of Lading which is accepted worldwide.

The network structure is built on long-term commitment and maintains the policy of:

  • Quality
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

Operations are performed under a close personal relationship with customers who appreciate the dual advantage of worldwide coverage together with a local market knowledge that each partner provides. This makes Tandem Global Logistics the supply chain service provider of choice for numerous leading industries across the globe.

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Vectorys Transport & Logistics is specialized in the management of industrial flow between Europe and the Maghreb. Starting from its loading platforms in Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Lille, and Novi Ligure, Vectorys Group daily serves its customers in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Malta and Morocco. The new Radès platform, situated in proximity to the port, represents a strong linkage point in this north-south logistics arrangement.

In Morocco, the warehouse under customs authority in Oukacha, situated near the port of Casablanca, similarly contributes to the provision of high quality services.

Thanks to a networked IT system to become operational shortly, the tracking of goods will be possible by a simple click directly from our website.

Vectorys Group With its affiliate organization Vectorys Italia, Vectorys Tunisia and Vectorys Morocco are your ideal logistics partners to drive your industrial development in the Maghreb area. We provide you with “just in time” service and are able to management your urgent needs in Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Malta.

Equipped with a park of more than 500 trailers and endowed with a presence on both sides of the Mediterranean, Vectorys Groupenables you to supply your subcontractors on door to door basis.

Visit their website: www.vectorys.com for more information.

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Logwin is a logistics company with roots dating back to 1877. As an experienced partner, Logwin can turn your logistics into a strategic factor for your success. With 4,500 employees around the world at over 200 locations in 32 countries on six continents work to ensure that this value proposition is met. For this we can call on our specialist infrastructure and expertise in a wide variety of industrial and commercial sectors.

Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of their business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery. For our customers this means dependable logistics and more space for their core business.

We develop and implement local and global transportation solutions for freight and air freight and for land transports. If necessary, our specialists will optimize your entire supply chain and organize tailored solutions at each stage of the flow of goods. We can also provide the right storage space or operate your onsite warehouse. And we will be glad to implement the appropriate IT systems to give you an overview of the flow of your goods.

Whether a tried-and-tested standard solution or sophisticated customization: working together will develop the best concept for your transportation and logistics needs. Focused, efficient and face to face.

Visit their website www.logwin-logistics.com here.

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Finarge – Finarge Armamento Genovese Srl came to life in 1981, and is one of the companies fully controlled by Rimorchiatori Riuniti S.pA., which has a long and solid history in the shipping industry.

After several years of ship management know-how, the company decided to move forward and invest abroad, particularly in Brazil, where since 1987 it has been working in offshore operations for one of the largest oil producers in the world, the Brazilian Petrobras.

The Finarge’s fleet is tailored for all offshore assistance duties – anchor handling, towing, supplying, oil spill response including in deep-water exploration, which is a relatively new and growing field in the oil exploration industry.

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Crystal Pool Ltd

Crystal Pool has been engaged in the chemical tanker trade since the early nineties.

In the beginning our focus was on the trade between Baltic and North Sea ports where we over the years have built up a regular parcel tanker service with IMO 2 and 3 – type bulk liquid chemicals.

In this trade we transport a wide range of products of different parcel sizes.

Our vessels are strengthened for navigation in ice enabling us to service all Baltic ports even under the most severe ice conditions. Operating a modern fleet of sophisticated vessels gives us the means to offer our Customers frequent, flexible and reliable transport services.

Our service is based on a portfolio of Contracts of Affreightment which forms the backbone of our operation.

The contract cargoes are supplemented by an active presence in the spot market.

We specialize in Russian chemicals shipped via Gulf of Finland ports. In this niche we have a dominant market share.

Over the years we have also built up a presence in the deep-sea chemical markets.

We transport on a worldwide basis chemicals, acids, caustic soda, vegetable oils and base oils to mention a few product groups. All our vessels are equipped with stainless steel tanks giving us control of a homogenous fleet able to carry even the most aggressive and demanding chemicals.

We are here to serve the Industry – responsibly and with care!

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BBC Chartering

Over the last 15 years, BBC has distinguished itself as a reliable partner to the global shipping community. Our customers range from global Fortune 500 companies to small privately owned businesses. Our goal is to treat each client with a paramount level of professional, reliable and efficient service. BBC conducts itself with the highest integrity and ethical standards in order to protect the confidentiality of each customer and the confidence they place in us. The relationship with our customers is built on a foundation of trust that has brought us to where we are today. We value these partnerships and view them as the core of our business. These alliances have led us to new frontiers and challenges as we grow and succeed together.

BBC will never rest on past laurels. We know that we have to meet the new challenges that come to us each and every day with the same energy, enthusiasm and professionalism we are known for. Whether your company or shipment is large or small, BBC is committed to you, setting the highest performance standard in our industry.

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Established in 1955 by Salvatore Cafiero in Naples, Italy, the Augustea Group is a provider of sea transportation services, which mainly operates in four business segments:

  • Dry bulk shipping
  • Harbour towage
  • Deep sea towing services
  • Transportation with oceanic barges

Under the control of the Cafiero-Zagari families, over the decades Augustea Group has grown to become a leading and reputable player in the shipping industry, with offices/operating branches in Naples and Augusta (Italy), London, Singapore, Malta, Buenos Aires and in Colombia).

As at the end of February 2014, Augustea employed more than 130 onshore people and more than 500 crewmembers, of whom more than 150 directly employed by the Group.